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Here at Central Park Dental we provide a range of dental care to children.

We recommend children attend from an early age for a dental check-up to get them used to regular visits without fear. Our friendly dentists put your child at ease and remove any fear from the visit. They will discuss toothbrushing habits and diet with you and your child to promote good long term oral health. They will discuss any treatment needs that your child has and plan your dental appointments with you.

We promote preventative treatments for your child including atraumatic restorations and fluoride treatments. Fissure sealants may be advised for your child. These involve painting a coating over the biting surface of their permanent teeth. This forms a protective layer that keeps food and bacteria from getting stuck in the tiny grooves in teeth and helps to prevent dental decay.

Other treatments we provide include fillings for both their primary and permanent teeth. For deeper fillings, where necessary, we provide nerve treatments (pulpotomy and pulpectomy) if necessary. Our dentists may also suggest a full coverage restorations for larger cavities, especially for younger children, where we want to maintain the teeth until they are ready to naturally come out.

Our aim is to provide complete dental care for your child in a calm and fear-free environment, and encourage them to have positive life-long dental care.

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